In this era of e-commerce and online marketplaces, there's no shortage of opportunities to turn your unused items into a profitable venture. But what are the best things to resell to make money? Let's dive into this interesting journey.

Who hasn't thought about making some extra cash from the comfort of their home? And what if you could do so by merely reselling things you no longer need or can easily source? In this comprehensive guide, we're going to explore the lucrative world of reselling, identifying top things to resell to make money.

Things to Resell to Make Money: A Look into Profitable Items

Vintage Clothing: Old but Gold

There's something intrinsically appealing about vintage clothing. The nostalgia, the unique patterns, and the quality of older fabrics often make these items a must-have for fashion enthusiasts. Vintage band tees, retro sneakers, or an old leather jacket, all have their admirers waiting.

Remember, what you might deem old and outdated might just be someone else's treasure. When sourcing for vintage clothing, look for unique prints, famous brand names, and good condition. Auctions, estate sales, and thrift stores are excellent places to score these retro gems.

Electronics: Technology that Pays

Electronics are a big hit in the resale market. Even outdated or broken electronics can have surprisingly high resale value, especially if they're from popular brands like Apple or Samsung. From old video game consoles and smartphones to laptops and cameras, there's a market for every tech gadget.

The key here is to understand the condition of your item and market it accordingly. Even non-functional electronics can be sold for parts. If you happen to find vintage electronics, like an old Nintendo console or a first-generation iPod, you've struck gold.

Books: Knowledge for Sale

If you're a bibliophile, your passion could be a source of income. Books, especially those that are rare, out-of-print, or first editions, can fetch a decent price in the resale market.

Even contemporary novels or educational textbooks can be profitable if you source them cheaply. Used bookstores, library sales, and garage sales are potential goldmines for book reselling.

Collectibles: From Coins to Comics

Collectibles, be it coins, stamps, comic books, or action figures, often have a high resale value. Items that were once mass-produced can become valuable over time as they become rare. Limited editions or items related to significant cultural phenomena like Star Wars or Marvel comics are particularly sought after.

Just remember, the condition is everything. An item in mint condition will fetch a much higher price than something that's worn out.

Designer Handbags: Luxury for Less

Designer handbags are an investment. Many people covet brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or Chanel, but can't afford them at retail prices. This is where you come in. If you can source these bags, either from your own collection, thrift stores, or estate sales, you can resell them for a tidy profit.

To ensure authenticity, it's important to familiarize yourself with each brand's unique identifiers, such as their stitching, hardware, and serial numbers.

Fitness Equipment: Profit in Healthy Living

With more people focusing on home workouts, there's a growing market for second-hand fitness equipment. Dumbbells, yoga mats, resistance bands, or even larger equipment like treadmills or stationary bikes can be resold for a good price.

Sourcing these can be as easy as looking at local online marketplaces for people upgrading their equipment or moving houses. Remember, a good clean and presenting your items well can greatly increase their appeal.

Reselling items to make money is an art. It's about knowing the market, understanding what sells, and presenting it in the best possible manner. With these six categories in your inventory, you're well on your way to making a significant income from reselling.

Where to Resell Items

So, you've sourced your items and are ready to start selling. But where exactly can you sell these items to maximize your profits? Let's explore some popular platforms for reselling.

eBay: The Online Auction House

A titan in the online reselling world, eBay offers a platform where virtually any item can find a buyer. From collectibles to clothing, electronics to books, eBay's broad user base and auction-style listings make it an ideal place to start your reselling journey. Its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive seller protection policies make it a favorite among many resellers.

Facebook Marketplace: Connect with Local Buyers

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent platform for selling items locally. It's free, easy to use, and since most people already have a Facebook account, you have instant access to a large local audience. Furniture, home appliances, and other bulky items that may be difficult or expensive to ship are particularly suitable for Facebook Marketplace.

Etsy: For the Creatives

For those looking to resell unique handmade items, vintage goods, or craft supplies, Etsy is your go-to platform. With a community that appreciates creativity and originality, Etsy can be a profitable platform for the right products.

Amazon: The E-commerce Giant

Amazon isn't just for big businesses. Individual sellers can also list their products, new or used, on this e-commerce behemoth. While the competition can be fierce, the sheer volume of Amazon's customers makes it a worthwhile option.

Depop: The Thrifty Trendsetter's Paradise

If you're into reselling trendy clothes, shoes, or accessories, Depop is the app for you. Its user-friendly mobile platform and the younger demographic make it an ideal place for reselling vintage or branded fashion.

Poshmark: High Fashion Resale

Poshmark is an online marketplace for buying and selling used clothes, shoes, and accessories. Its user-friendly app, social interaction capabilities, and emphasis on fashion make it a favorite among fashion enthusiasts.

Mercari: The Hassle-Free Reselling App

Mercari is a mobile app that makes selling almost anything easy. With a straightforward listing process and a flat 10% selling fee, Mercari is a hassle-free option for resellers.

OfferUp: Local Deals Made Easy

OfferUp is a mobile platform for buying and selling locally. It's perfect for selling items that are too big or bulky to ship, like furniture or appliances. Plus, you can list an item in as little as 30 seconds.

Choosing the right platform to resell your items depends on the type of products you have, the amount of time you can dedicate, and your comfort level with the platform. By listing on the right platforms, you can ensure your items get seen by the right buyers and maximize your potential profits.

Tips for Reselling to Make Money

Know Your Market

Knowledge is power, especially in the reselling business. Understanding your market means knowing what items are in demand, what price they usually fetch, and who your potential customers are. It also involves staying updated with trends and changes in demand. This knowledge will not only help you source the right items but also price them appropriately for maximum profit.

Quality Photography Matters

The first impression is often the last, and in the world of online reselling, your product photos serve as that first impression. High-quality photos can significantly enhance your listing's attractiveness. Make sure to use a clean background, good lighting, and multiple angles to showcase your product. Remember, a great photo can be the difference between an item selling within hours and it sitting in your inventory for months.

Honest Descriptions

It can be tempting to oversell an item to make it more attractive. However, long-term success in the reselling business depends on transparency and honesty. Make sure to describe your item accurately, mentioning any flaws or damage. This not only builds trust with your customers but also avoids any potential disputes or returns in the future.

Diversify Your Platforms

Don't limit yourself to just one platform for reselling. Different platforms attract different types of buyers, and diversifying can help you reach a wider customer base. For example, Etsy is great for vintage and handmade items, while eBay might be better for electronics and collectibles.

Offer Excellent Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service can set you apart from your competitors. This could involve responding to queries promptly, resolving any issues swiftly, and ensuring your customers have a smooth purchasing experience. A satisfied customer is more likely to return and recommend your store to others.

Understand Shipping and Returns

One of the challenges in the reselling business is managing shipping and returns. Understanding the costs involved, choosing the right courier service, and deciding your return policy are all crucial elements. Factor in shipping costs when pricing your items and clearly state your return policy in your listings to avoid any confusion.

Keep an Organized Inventory

An organized inventory helps keep track of what you have in stock, where it's stored, and when it's sold. This not only helps in maintaining a smooth operation but also aids in understanding what items sell best.

Learn from Others

Join reselling communities, follow successful resellers on social media, or watch educational content online. Learning from those who have been in the business can provide valuable insights and save you from common pitfalls.

Reselling to make money is an exciting venture, but like any business, it requires strategic planning, dedication, and continuous learning. With these tips, you'll be well-equipped to turn your reselling hobby into a profitable business.

FAQs about Reselling to Make Money

  1. What is the best thing to resell for profit? The best thing to resell for profit largely depends on your market knowledge, sourcing abilities, and interest. However, electronics, vintage clothing, and rare books often yield good returns.
  2. Where can I find items to resell? Items to resell can be found in thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, or even your own home.
  3. Is it legal to resell items for profit? Yes, it is perfectly legal to resell items for profit, provided you've acquired them legally and follow all relevant tax laws.
  4. How much money can I make by reselling? The amount of money you can make by reselling largely depends on the items you're selling, the time you dedicate, and your skill in sourcing and marketing your products.
  5. Do I need a business license to resell items? Depending on your location and the scale of your operations, you may need a business license to resell items. It's best to check with local regulations.
  6. Can I turn reselling into a full-time job? Absolutely! With dedication, effort, and strategic planning, reselling can become a profitable full-time job.


Reselling can be an exciting and profitable venture for those willing to put in the time and effort. By identifying the right things to resell to make money and effectively leveraging the power of online marketplaces, you can turn your trash into treasure!

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